RÁD BY SOM TU ZDIEĽAL status od našeho exCEO - Sebastiana...

RÁD BY SOM TU ZDIEĽAL status od našeho exCEO - Sebastiana Diemera, je to človek od ktorého si možeme všetci brať príklad. V 23 rokoch založil Kreditech-firmu ktorá ma dnes hodnotu okolo 1mldUSD, teraz má 28 a posobí ako investor a inovátor. Týka sa to hlavne start-up prostredia, ale samozrejme to platí aj pre menšie/iné projekty. Je to po Anglicky, takže dúfam, že to nebude problém. Do pozornosti dávam hlavne vetu: "I can't tell you because you might steal my idea" is the dumbest shit since Trump. Ideas are 1%, execution is 99%."

How to start your own startup and become succesful:

  1. Starting your own business does not start with an idea but with a risk decision to forego monthly salary, which means to reduce living cost and live under uncertainty how to pay bills.
  2. Once done, finding an idea is a STRUCTURAL, NOT A CREATIVE PROCESS. Nobody ever woke up enlightened to build facebook, google, airbnb (or kreditech?). All these concepts emerged from something that was started before (google was a failed pizza delivery s*rvice, facebook a hot or not on campus and airbnb was two guys mailing private dudes if they can crash their romms because hotels were sold out.
  3. Look for industries that are ready for a change. Build different hypothoses / problems that you think generate value to be solved. Discuss this idea with people from the industry, your customers as well as other knowledgable founders. "I can't tell you because you might steal my idea" is the dumbest shit since Trump. Ideas are 1%, execution is 99%.
  4. Once you found an idea Invest no more than 10k EUR and 3 months to figure out whether your idea actually works. Dont build the full product but a landing page, a concept page that simulates the product and see if people would download / pay / click / whatever it is. Dropbox didnt code a single line before >1,000 people clicked "Download" for a product that didnt yet exist.
  5. Get some Google adwords traffic. Inviting your friends / family will not tell you if customers need your product but only acquire people that sign up for curiosity or to do you a favor.
  6. Don't raise money unless you have to. Being on gründerszene / techcrunch is cool but remember: With money comes responsibility, raising funds is like getting admission to a college, not to obtain a degree. Getting into Harvard doesnt mean finishing Harvard.
  7. Remember that funds raised do not equal personal money. Founders don't get to take a single cent out of the invested capital (other than salary at this point?) before the company gets exited or investors allow to sell some shares to a new investor at a higher valuation.
  8. Make sure you don't hand over the key to your company - There are various forms in which this can be put in contracts - vesting with a cliff, bad leaver clauses, etc. Dont get fooled by big numbers - it's worth nothing if you don't own it.
  9. Don't pick the investor who invests at best terms but the one you trust the most. Get references from other founders where things DIDNT GO WELL (everybody is nice as long as it does).
  10. Invest in people. A good HR person should one of your first hires. Only if you can convince the best people before you have build or achieved anything you will build or achieve anything.

Infographic: Is Your Startup Idea Already Taken?

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