Tulam sa cestou necestou po krasnej Azii nieco vyse 9tich mesiacov...

Tulam sa cestou necestou po krasnej Azii nieco vyse 9tich mesiacov. Je to krasny pocit a vrelo ho odporucam kazdemu z vas! Dnes je moj posledny vecer na tomto uzasnom kontinente a pocity mam veru zmiesane. Dolny text je "in English" ale verim, ze sa porozumieme a snad sa vam aj zapaci.

Leaving Asia...

Nine months have gone fairly quickly. Time always seems to fly when you’re having fun and the hell I had loads of it on my journey through Asia! I am sitting at the small rooftop bar at TravelHub Guesthouse in Kuala Lumpur. Probably my most favoure city in SE Asia and also one of the best city hostels I've found. I slept 4 hours and woke up with big smile on my face! Yesterday’s night was awesome and all I had wished for when I was leaving Indonesia. It’s been such a long time since I have danced to proper house music and Under9 Club has provided exactly that by booking dj Till von Sein from Berlin. While travelling it is incredibly easy to make new friends. 10 minutes after my arrival at this guesthouse and agreement to go clubbing next day was made, and for the records I have arrived at 1am due to late flight from Bandung! Meeting all these amazing souls from around the world is what makes it so exciting for me on the road! Having random conversations with American girl at laundry, Czech girl at nearby hostel, English and Australian dude’s who are drinking bottle of Bacardi at 3pm on the rooftop or Singaporean guy who decides to walk with us towards our hostel at 4am just for fun and chance to have more conversations! Or Portuguese girl sitting at the next table at Roti restaurant at 4:30am asking for my “Indiana Jones†hat and not wanting to return it saying she was looking for this hat all her life. Hat that has been with me for so many years! My favoure hat! She definitely didnt get to keep it but it was fun talking her out of it? All these moments and heaps more happened in less than 24 hours. And plenty more could come to surface if I dig deeper in my mind!

Yesterday was really amazing, I cant help but to say it again! And today can be as good if not better? Most important factors that can make it happen or stop from doing so are our mindsets, attitudes or simply wearing that big beautiful smile! I have come to Kuala Lumpur because I needed this sort of fun… getting lost in the city that I like with crazy beautiful souls who are seeking similar thing. We seem to attract each other, we seem to find each other quite easily and tend to have good times together. I could have flown to Australia from Jakarta or Singapore but I have chosen to come to KL and stay 5 nights. Short but long enough for more adventures in Asia. And last ones for now, for indefinite time. I cant believe that nine months have passed and it is time to leave this amazing continent. Coming here I had no idea how long am I going to stay, places I am going to visit or what am I actually going to do. Doing it spontaneously has freed my mind to extent that I have lost worries, relaxed and let go of many things that were still hurting my heart.

I think travelling is great way how to learn art of letting go. Thing that would have helped me so much in previous years during break up’s with girls I have loved so much and wanted to spend my life with. That pain when you’re unable to let go is excruciating and soul crushing. Travelling gives you opportunity to meet a lot of lovely people but also “takes†them from your life quite quickly. You spend couple of days, perhaps three, four, five together and then it is time for one or the another to move onto the next place or to go back to their home country. You get to like someone, you get clo**r to someone and you might even start falling in love with someone! You have to let them go as your roads have crossed only for a short timeframe. But even that time will give you so much more than it takes! As I tend to say, "I dont do goodbye’s, I do See ya laters"! And as already experienced you can indeed meet a lot of these lovely souls again or at least stay in touch with them online.

Soon it is time for me to let go of Asia and all the amazing and kind people I have met here. Soon I will visit for the first time continent so far away from home that we call its people antipodes. Soon I will get to live with my beloved sister, brother in law and their beautiful kids in Melbourne! I will get to experience first Christmas BBQ on the beach, hopefully?, spend time with my little princess Bella - my niece who is at age when she speaks better English as myself - 3 years old? and she is cheeky as hell! I will get a chance to experience very different country. The biggest adventure of my life so far will continue. And for that and much more I am very grateful! Was it not for travelling and the fact that I am actually able to travel or that I had guts to quit that comfy corporate job in London I would never seen the places I have seen, experienced all these different cultures, met these strange and crazy lovely people or done things that made me so happy! And happy, smiley and balanced is what I definitely am right now. Travelling has changed me and I hope it is only for better! It might not be for everyone but those of you who feel the slightest urge to go, please do everything and anything so you can go! It is very easy to come back but to leave, you have to build up “a bit†of a courage. It might feel like the world is going to collapse when you’re making that decision to quit. But believe me, you will not regret and you will keep smiling in a way you never did before?

Velmi pekne napisane a dufam, ze podobny pocit zazijem velmi skoro. Moj corporate job v Londyne som opustila pred 4 mesiacmi a zacinam sa tesit, kedy sa na podobnu cestu napriec Aziou vydam aj ja... Vela zdaru v Melbourne a uzivaj krasne chvile s rodinkou.

Budes mat mega dobru cestu!!! V Azii sa ani inac neda? A dakujem pekne, uz mrznem v Melbourne pri 18tich stupnoch ale mala neter robi taku radost, ze ani tento "velky" teplotny shock nevadi?

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